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Private English Conversation and Pronunciation teacher from Sydney. Personal, one-to-one English lessons, private classes and private courses

* Native English Speaker
* Private general English and social conversation teacher
* Pronunciation and Accent Reduction trainer
* Job Interview Coach
* 14 years’ experience
* Friendly, kind, caring, patient, understanding and funny
* Ideal tutor for adult ESL speakers wanting to have a fun lesson.
* General and Academic IELTS speaking tutor
* TESOL certified
* Previous Principal and CEO of an ESL school in Sydney city

Hi. I’m James and I’d like to be your private English tutor. I’m a native Australian English speaker and have been teaching English to speakers of other languages privately for over 14 years. I have even written ebooks on teaching which you can find on Amazon.

I can help you improve your conversation and pronunciation ability.

I now just teach online via Skype. You can find out more about my online conversation and pronunciation lessons here:


I look forward to hearing from you



General IELTS Reading Practice Tests Questions Sets 1-5

General IELTS Reading Practice Tests Questions Sets 1-5. Sample Mock IELTS Preparation Materials Based on the Real Exams. Created by IELTS Teachers These practice tests […]

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Private Online English Language Conversation and Pronunciation Tutor via Sk...

Speak English Online with James Online English Conversation and Pronunciation Lessons Private English Conversation and Pronunciation teacher from Sydney. Personal, one-to-one English lessons, private classes […]

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Australian English Tutor

English Lessons Online. Private Conversation, Pronunciation and IELTS Teacher. English Lessons Online. Private English Conversation and Pronunciation teacher from Sydney. Personal, one-to-one English lessons, private classes and […]

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Private English Tutor Melbourne

AU$70 2hs

Private English Tutor Melbourne. Conversation, Pronunciation and Accent Red...

Hi. Have you recently arrived in Melbourne? Have you found Australian English is very different to American and British English? Are you having trouble understanding […]

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IELTS Practice Tests

IELTS Practice tests available here: IELTS Practice Tests Hi. I’m James and with my team of tutors we’ve created a series of IELTS practice tests […]

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Tutor Agent has been updated with a Secure Sockets Layer!

Blog, Tutor Agent Updates 2017/09/26

Tutor Agent has been updated with a Secure Sockets Layer!

So, what does that mean, exactly? It means that instead of http:// for the address, it is now https:// If you’ve got a direct link from your website to the Tutor Agent site, please change this to https. If you’ve directly linked to your ad from somewhere, please update this to https.

But that’s not really what it’s all about. https gives an added level of security, encrypting everything between you and the site so that there is less chance of someone hacking your data transmission.

Due to the amount of denial of service attacks, spam and more, it’s been necessary to do this to keep the site running.

Another thing that I fixed was that the WordPress dashboard was still showing for users. Users should only have been able to see the ad dashboard, not the WordPress one. This created the confusion of some thinking that access to the blogs from the WP dashboard meant that they could post ads in there instead. The blog is just for me, sorry. So, this access has now been disabled. When you login you’ll only see your ad dashboard.

I’ve also added the updated recapture from Google for logins. This has dramatically reduced the amount of robot signups that this site used to get. Of course, I had other systems installed to prevent them, but this updated check has reduced the strain on the server considerably.

Recently an overactive search engine scanned the entire site in 2 seconds, copying 1200 tutor ad pages, and causing our hosting provider’s systems to shut the site down for an hour while I investigated the cause. I was able to trace it to a single IP address in Hunan, China. This is just one example of some of the things I need to deal with to keep the site running.

Just thought I’d update you!

If you’ve ever found Tutor Agent useful in the past, please consider buying me a drink! It’s a non-profit site which has been running in various forms for over 10 years now, barely scraping through each year on costs.

Please buy me a drink! 🙂

Many thanks for using the site. I wish you all the best with your teaching.



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IELTS Speaking Practice Test Questions. Practice Using James’ IELTS Videos And Prepare For Your Exam!

IELTS, IELTS Practice Tests, IELTS Practice Videos, IELTS Speaking Practice Tests 2015/07/25









Is it difficult finding someone to speaking English with so that you get plenty of practice before the IELTS exam? Finding an online teacher is easy but having them be available at the time that you want, at the moment you want them, is a different proposition.

If you’ve suddenly realised you’ve only got a few hours to go before your IELTS exam and you haven’t practice speaking English yet, what can you do?

I have the answer! 24/7 free online IELTS Speaking Practice Test Questions Videos! You can play them on your mobile anytime. You can listen to a question, stop the recording, practice answering it, then continue the recording.

I’ve just uploaded the latest in the series. Number 80. The questions are always relevant as there are no real ‘new’ questions. Examiners can choose questions from anytime in the past 10 years, so it’s best to start practicing. There are hundreds of thousands of questions that can be asked so the trick is not to memorise answers that you may never be asked, but to practice answering questions like a native English speaker.

Check out my latest video here:

You can also download my free app – Speak English: Practice Videos!

Also, if you see an ad that interests you, please support the sponsor. Advertisers help keep the videos free!

Wishing you all the best in your IELTS exam.


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Watch Home And Away To Improve Your Australian English Language Skills!

Australian English, Australian English Language, Learn Australian English 2015/07/23












If you’ve never heard of Home and Away, it is a soap opera / drama that is broadcast in Australia and the UK 5 days a week. Home and Away began in 1988 and has continued on Channel 7 in Australia thanks to general interest in this country, and huge amounts of interest from the UK in the form of conventions, fan clubs and the like.

My favourite character has always been Alf. He is like the poster child or cornerstone of Home and Away, and without him around to add some colour to the series I doubt many adults would be watching.

If you are in Australia and struggling to understand anyone, before you hire an Australian English Conversation Tutor (see English Tutor Sydney ) I recommend you begin watching Home and Away and start learning the accent and the expressions we speak. You’ll find them all in this TV show. Ray Meagher, who plays Alf, gets to go through the entire Australian repertoire throughout the year.

Here’s an example from episode 4000:

Alf: Mate, I’m over the moon. I know I said I didn’t want a big shindig, or anything like that, but, in the fair dinkum department when people are giving me a wide birth all day, I was really starting to have second thoughts, I can tell ya.

So, if you are heading to Australia, you really need to be able to speak Australian to be able to understand anyone. We don’t speak British English or American English! Use Home and Away to learn the lingo, or at least get an inkling as to what it’s like.

And now my favourite scene from episode 5124.  (The car burning is from 5120)















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IELTS Speaking Practice Videos App

Blog 2015/04/21



Speak English! Practice Videos

Practise speaking English with James’ IELTS speaking videos. Listen to the question, pause the video, practise answering it, then continue to the next question in the video. Ideal for if you’re practising for a general or academic English language test like IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL or others. Over 70 videos of IELTS practice questions presented as though you’re with an English examiner. (Some funny ones too!)

Download here: Speak English! Practice Videos

The app also includes links to other materials by James that can be purchased for ebook readers, a link to booking online English tutors around the world, a link where you can meet other people practising for the IELTS exam, and a free speaking tips article.

The information, videos, links and downloads have been created by IELTS tutors and teachers.

The app is free to download and use. It aggregates some of James’ online videos, ebooks links and pdf downloads links. Please share in the hope it’ll help others pass their English speaking tests!

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Galactic Missions Series

Blog 2015/03/15


Well, I don’t know about you, but teaching ESL privately doesn’t bring in much money for me. Certainly not enough to survive in the Sydney CBD where I live. However, I don’t just teach English. I create websites, write ebooks on ESL, create videos for various channels on Youtube, consult on some business subjects, advise on wine, and a lot more besides.

Generally, if it looks interesting, I get involved!

I’m currently working on developing a simple app for Android and hope to have that out very soon. That’ll be my next post. In this one though, I’d like to let you know about my novel series under my pen name Neil A Hogan.

It’s called Galactic Missions and you can find out more about it here: Galactic Missions

gabrielandtheresurrectionofmaldekcoversmallIt’s a spin off for teenagers of my young children’s series Alien Characters.

My recommendation for you is to find out what else you’re passionate about and do that during those times that you don’t have students. If you get last minute cancellations due to sickness (or the weather!) then being ready with a back up plan like writing a novel will make sure your day remains stress free.

And in the end, being happy is what it is all about.

Please check out my ebook series and if you know of anyone that might be interested, please forward the links to them.

Many thanks!


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How to Pronounce the ‘th’ Sound

Blog 2015/02/15

Awhile ago I created a video on how to pronounce the ‘th’ sound. It is based on an exercise I wrote a few years ago. I’ve since updated the exercise but the video is still relevant for helping students to improve their ‘th’ sound. If you’re an ESL student, please watch the video to get some tips on how to improve your ‘th’ sound. If you’re from Asia this is you’re number one problem. If you can fix this you’ll find communication becomes a lot easier. You won’t have to repeat yourself so often!

Here’s the video. Practice in front of the mirror every day!

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English Tutor Sydney

Blog 2015/01/15

I’ve created a new ad for my English Tuition Services in Sydney. If you’re a new tutor, I thoroughly recommend creating a video of yourself for your website. The amount of enquiries I’ve received since creating this video and embedding it on my website have increased enough that I can relax about other forms of advertising. Check it out here:

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Teach English Online Ebook

Blog 2014/11/25

Teach English Online is the ideal ebook for getting you started in running your own online tutoring service.
The main focus of the ebook is for tutors who teach English as a Second Language, though you can take some of the ideas from this ebook to teach just about any subject.

The ebook assumes previous teaching knowledge and mainly focuses on setting up your service online so that people can find you.

Some of the topics include:
* Buying a domain name
* Accepting payments online
* The minimum types of software, hardware and apps you may need
* Getting noticed
* Free and Paid Online Advertising
* Targeting particular countries
* Example times for students
* Things to consider such as cultural differences for a few of the main countries you should target, health and availability as well as bargaining and trial lessons
* Step by step ESL plan for the first online lesson with your student.
* List of useful links for finding further exercises

If you’re only just starting to teach then James also gives links to other ebooks that can help in other areas.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to teach online but have never really been able to find all the information to do it in one place, this is the ebook for you.

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Dialogues and Conversations Ebooks Available

Blog 2014/10/15

Dialogues and Conversations 71-80

51pxGOACaZL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Just Speaking #8 features 10 dialogues with phrasal verbs included to challenge the student. While intermediate level and above is recommended, these dialogues can also be used to challenge beginners into improving their reading and pronunciation skills.

This series of dialogues and conversations has been released to fulfill a demand in the ESL industry for more mature style conversations for use in private tuition as well as pair or group work in the adult classroom.

These have been reformatted for use on an eBook reader so that ESL users can practice reading the dialogues out loud and discuss the language used with their tutor or with each other.

These eBooks contain just dialogues. It is up to the tutor and teacher to create their own lessons around these dialogues. Some suggestions include (for those who have the software)

a) Library lend the file to other eBook reader users and create a play in the classroom
b) Create listening test questions and use the text-to-speech function on the ebook reader
c) Create a discussion about some of the phrases used

For ESL tutors, the ideas they can come up with using these dialogues are endless. As a tutor I’ve always found dialogues to be useful in vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation practice, confidence building, and more besides. Students regularly comment on how useful the dialogues are and always request more, which is why there are now 8 volumes in the Just Speaking series with more on the way.

There are other ebooks in the series available on Amazon Kindle. You’ll find ebooks on business English, Australian English and more.

Wishing you all the best in your ESL teaching.

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IELTS Practice Test Videos

Blog 2014/09/15

Are you a student needing to practice for the IELTS speaking test? Then please check out my video series. You can watch over 70 videos of me asking you IELTS practice test questions and you can pause the video and practice answering the question before continuing to hear the questions. Many of the questions I’ve received from either students who have sat for the IELTS speaking test, or from IELTS examiners, so you’ll be able to get a feel for the real IELTS speaking test.

You can find out more on my Youtube channel here:


If you’re a tutor and need some ideas for running an IELTS speaking practice test for your students, check out the videos!

Until next time!



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IELTS Practice Tests

Blog 2014/08/15

If you’re teaching IELTS, you know how difficult it is to find good IELTS materials, especially when you’ve run out of all the Cambridge materials and your students are clamouring for more.

That’s why I developed www.IELTSPracticeTests.com

The site features links to IELTS materials available for download to your Kindle. You can encourage your students to also download it to their smart phone or tablet, or you could choose some of the other materials in pdf format if it is relevant. When students decide to study IELTS with you for 6 months to a year, you’re going to continually need new material and that’s what the site is for.

I’m currently teaching a student that has two lessons with me a week, 2 hours per lesson at $100 for 2 hours. She is studying for the IELTS exam and wants to keep practicing for the speaking test. After going through the 28 or so speaking practice tests available in the Cambridge books it was great to know I had 80 more speaking practice tests available through my site! (We’re up to 78 now and so I’ve started making more!)

So, if you’re needing more materials I strongly recommend you check out www.IELTSPracticeTests.com And if you have your own site and are creating your own materials, please post the information below. I’ve almost run out again!

Until next time.


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Double Check the Grammar Materials You Find Online

Blog 2014/07/15

If you’re a tutor you know how hard it is to find good material online. Sometimes you could be excited to discover exactly what you need, only to realise after studying that particular subject, that the files you’ve been using for months or even years are actually missing some crucial points, or even worse, written incorrectly to begin with. The problem with much material online these days is it hasn’t been peer reviewed. So there are thousands of sites showing home-made exercises teaching simple grammar techniques that are actually incorrect, or correct for one country and not for another, or correct for spoken English and not for written English. It is a nightmare for the average tutor who teaches privately and designs their lessons around their students, and doesn’t have access to thousands of peer-reviewed documents that colleges and universities have.

I recently found that a few lines of my present perfect material, sourced from a website five years ago, actually contained incorrect examples. The worst thing is, I’d given these materials out to thousands of students over the past 5 years. I’d also handed them to other tutors who had also used them without checking the examples. As the students that were taught didn’t know to ask, and the papers seemed legitimate, no one actually questioned them. It wasn’t until I sat down and began updating my materials for 2014 that I discovered that a few of the examples were incorrect. Obviously horrified, I went to the original website and, lo and behold, the online material had been corrected!!!

So, if you’re using online material because you’re unable to create your own and you’re not sure of that particular grammar rule, go back over your notes after awhile, after you’re familiar with the grammar, and see if it needs updating. You’d be surprised how much is actually incorrect online.

Until next time.


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Welcome to the Tutor Agent Blog!

Blog 2014/07/15

Happy Birthday Tutor Agent! Celebrating 4 years online and thousands of ads, students and tutors from around the world.

This is a non-profit, advertiser supported site, so I’m very pleased to say that advertising revenue and classified ad purchases allow the site to exist for another year. The site makes, on average, US$100 per year in revenue. $50 of that is used for online advertising and $50 is just enough to pay for hosting and domain name renewal. Much of our traffic comes from organic links.

(Yes, I’m certainly not running this site for the money! LOL!)

I was surprised recently to discover that some tutors have been advertising their services using blog posts rather than ads. I’m not sure why this has happened but there is quite a backlog of posts and spam that I hope to sort through over the coming months.

Please not that as this is a not-for-profit site and I run this in my spare time, I may take some time to check other parts of the site. If you want a quick reply, post an ad. I check for those daily.

I plan to update this blog page more frequently (initially monthly and then hopefully weekly) We’ll see how things go. It’s time I added some video content, just for fun! And I should be more proactive in mentioning my ebooks too!

Until next time!





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Welcome to Tutor Agent

Blog 2010/07/05

Welcome to Tutor Agent. Free and fee based advertising for your private language tutoring service. Advertise your service worldwide. Promote yourself locally. Online language tutors welcome too.

If you’re a teacher looking for full time work you can post your details here too.

If you tutor a language that is not listed in our categories, please choose ‘private language tutors – other’ and we’ll add the appropriate category and shift your ad to it.

NEW. If you’re not a language tutor, you can now add your details to ‘Other Tutors and Teachers’

We wish you all the best with your tutoring service.

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