Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Firstly, the basics. Scroll down for questions.

For Students

Find language tutors from around the world.

1. Click on the tutor advertisement you want to contact.
2. Click on the “contact” tab
3. Send them a message directly
It’s that easy! Click on a tutor ad now to get started.

For Private Tutors

Please read this before posting

List Your Tuition Service and find students

Advertise your private ad for free for 30 days and discontinue at anytime. Renew and update your ad at anytime. Limited time offer! Add $5 to make it 60 days, $10 to make it $90, $15 to make it 120.

If you’d like your private ad to be featured on the front page, choose the featured option for only $10 (US $5 for a limited time!). Always include a picture to increase the chance of more responses.

Step 1: Click on Join Now

Step 2: When you have finished completing your registration, click on Post an Ad. This will enable you to fill in details about your services and appear on TutorAgent. The ads that get the most clicks contain a lot of keywords and at least three paragraphs of information. Choose an ad title that contains relevant keywords for your service.

Step 3: Choose whether you would like a free ad or a featured ad. A featured ad appears in the banner on the front page.

Step 4: Submit your private ad for approval. Every profile is personally approved by James who maintains the site. When approved your ad will appear on TutorAgent. Approval usually takes 48-72 hours. Or pay the featured ad fee (just US $5 for a limited time) for express review and have your image featured in the top bar.

Step 5: Reply to student enquiries!

All *private* language tutors and teachers are welcome to advertise their tuition, tutoring and teaching services on Tutor Agent! (Business listings must pay a listing fee to be listed.)
NB: Please make your ad inviting and informative. Please also include a picture. This is a classified ads service so of course we can’t guarantee you’ll get any enquiries. It’ll depend on how attractive your ads are, how much you’re charging and how easy it is for people to search for and find your ad online. Currently we get about 7000 unique visitors a month with the majority of students who visit the site from India, China, USA, Russia and Japan.

Also, please send a test email to yourself from your new ad page from the *contact* tab. That way you’ll recognise an enquiry email when you get it as well as be able to test whether you’ve entered the right details for them to be able to email you. Also, check your spam folder. Sometimes students will inadvertently include words in their request that get flagged as spam.

Anyone wishing to post who is not posting a personal, private tutor ad will need to pay a featured fee to be listed. So groups, businesses, schools etc, please pay your featured fee and help us cover domain and hosting costs!

One other thing. Due to there being many values of $ around the world, please specifically indicate your country code for your country in your price. $20 in Singapore is about $110 in HK, $19 in Australia and $14 in the USA (as of December 2015) so it’s important to specify SG, HK, AU, US, CA etc so that students have an idea how much they’re spending online.

Wishing you all the best


1. I’ve signed up. When will my details appear?

Thank you for registering. Once you have registered yourself, click on the ‘Post an Ad’ button and create an advertisement. When your advertisement is approved it will appear online.

2. I’ve posted my ad. When will it appear?

There are two options. If you choose the free ad option, your ad will be checked and, if everything is fine, it will be approved within 48-72 hours. If you choose the paid ad option or featured ad option, your ad will appear on the site the moment payment is confirmed and then be checked by a human editor within 24 hours.

3. I’ve posted my ad. When will I start receiving responses?

It would depend on when someone visits your ad and contacts you through the contact form. To make your ad more appealing, make sure there are no spelling mistakes or errors, and don’t forget to include a picture of either yourself or your logo. Just like any classified site or ad server, we can’t guarantee any responses to your ad. You will have a better chance of improving your responses by writing lots of detail and including appropriate keywords in the text. A video of yourself works too.

4. How can I get more responses?

Generally women use directories and men use the search bar so make sure you are easy to find in both. Add your advertisement to each category that is relevant and include as many tags relevant to what you offer as possible. Make sure there is a nice appealing photograph of yourself looking professional. Include as much information as possible about yourself that will be appealing to people. Years of teaching experience, qualifications, all the services you offer etc. You may also wish to check the amount you charge against others online. While people always search for price first, they search for quality second so if you live in a country that has high costs of living and thereby expect a higher amount per hour, aim to promote your quality service. Your ad should be, at the very minimum, 300 words long. 500-1000 word ads work best.

5. I notice there is no link for upgrading my ad to a featured ad at a later time. How do I do that?

Thank you for wishing to upgrade your ad to a featured ad. As ads automatically expire after the days initially set it’s best to create a new ad and choose the featured option when you post the new ad. (You can always login to your old ad and copy the text.) This is also much faster as confirmation of payment means your ad is online in moments and will be checked by a human operator within 24 hours.

6. I’d like to advertise on one of those 3 boxes that people see when they click on an ad. How much are they?

At the moment the larger box is US$100 for 1 year. The smaller boxes are US$60 for 1 year. Email [email protected] for more info.

7. I’m a teacher. Do you take resumes?

You’re welcome to add your details as an available teacher in your area in the category ‘Teacher resumes’ . Please do not include personal information like marital status or date of birth when copying your resume to the site.

8. I submitted an ad but didn’t change the final box regarding the price, and it has redirected me to Paypal and I can’t change it. There is no way of editing the ad or changing the amount. What can I do?

The moment the ad is submitted, pending payments are recorded and emails sent. Due to the accounting system in place, this can’t be changed. Please click on the rubbish bin icon to delete the ad and resubmit your ad again, choosing the correct payment option at the bottom of the ad.

Here are details of the options available. Make sure you choose the one you want before moving to the final confirmation page.

Not Business? Free Ad 30 Days.
Basic Free Ad 30 Days. Click for other options. Come back after 30 Days and update it or post a new one. Your ad will remain on the site expired until you update it or delete it yourself. Add an image and $5 for a Featured Listing Ad for this period.

Not Business? PAY US$5 for 60 days.
PAY $5 for a Basic Ad for 60 Days. Your ad will expire after 60 Days. Add an image and another $5 for a Featured Listing Ad for this period. Your ad will only be considered for approval after your payment is received.

Not Business? PAY US$10 for 90 days.
PAY $10 by Paypal online and your basic ad will expire in 90 Days. Add an image and another $5 for a Featured Listing Ad for this period. Ads will only be approved after payment is received.

Not Business? PAY US$15 for 120 Days.
PAY US$15 via Paypal. Ad will expire in 120 Days. Our most popular choice. Add an image and another $5 for a Featured Listing Ad for this period. Your ad will be considered for approval after payment is received.

Business? Pay US$30.
Please note that TutorAgent is for casual private tutors. If you’re a business, have a business name, a business number, a business website, pay a business tax or are advertising to represent more than one person (staff, consultants, contractors etc) then you are a business and must pay by Paypal to be listed. Ads for businesses who don’t pay won’t be listed. Thank you. In return for supporting TutorAgent your classified ad will remain online for 120 days. If your ad contains a lot of information and quality (1000 words, images representing your service etc) then, after reviewing, I’ll upgrade it to a Featured Ad for free. You still have the option of paying for a Featured Ad for an additional $5. If you require a receipt for your tax records, please use the email that Paypal will send you as your receipt. Thank you for your interest in TutorAgent.

9. I want to be a private tutor. What can I do to start?

We recommend the ebook Become an English Language Conversation Tutor by James Hogan. You can find out more about the ebook here: English Tutor Ebook

10. I want to get some kind of qualification so that people know I’m a good English teacher. What do you suggest?

We strongly recommend you get a TEFL or TESOL certificate. There are hundreds of organisations around the world that do them.

11. My ad is working and I’m getting too many responses. I need to increase my price. How do I do that?

Great! Login and check your ad post. Scroll down until you see the amount that you charge in a field. Update that amount. Now, under that field is an ‘ok’ button. Click that when you’ve changed your amount. If you’ve listed your amount in your ad text, change it there too, then click on the blue update button at the top.

12. I’ve signed up and tried to submit my ad but it keeps saying ‘your session has expired’

This can be due to cookies not being active. Please activate your cookies. If this doesn’t work, try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

13. I’ve signed up and tried to submit my ad after activating cookies and trying different browsers. It still doesn’t accept my ad.

Are you typing your ad in another language? Unfortunately this site can only take English characters at this time.

14. I posted my ad 7 days ago and you promised to review it within 48-72 hours.

My apologies. I will do my best to review ads within 48-72 hours even if I’m on holiday or sick in bed as I can access the site via my mobile, but sometimes I might miss one. If you haven’t had your ad reviewed within 7 days it means I must have missed it, or it wasn’t submitted correctly, or the system didn’t tell me you’d submitted it. Please email me and ask me to check. Thanks.

15. Will you spam me when I sign up?

No. You’ll receive an automatic confirmation email regarding your registration. You should also receive an automatic email when your ad is online/approved. I will create an update newsletter/email regarding every few months that you may receive while you’re registered. Currently, when your ad expires, you don’t receive an expiry notification. So, no spamming from the admin.

Of course, we have no control over how many student enquiries you may get, and like any place with a contact form online, you may get some external spam from people pretending to be students. We do have antispam software in place, so of the thousands of spam and phishing emails the site receives daily, rarely do any of our registered users see them. If you do start receiving spam from a specific user, please send me an email and I’ll block them and have their registration removed.

More questions and answers coming soon. If you have a question not answered, please email [email protected]