Galactic Missions Series

Well, I don’t know about you, but teaching ESL privately doesn’t bring in much money for me. Certainly not enough to survive in the Sydney CBD where I live. However, I don’t just teach English. I create websites, write ebooks on ESL, create videos for various channels on Youtube, consult on some business subjects, advise on wine, and a lot more besides.

Generally, if it looks interesting, I get involved!

I’m currently working on developing a simple app for Android and hope to have that out very soon. That’ll be my next post. In this one though, I’d like to let you know about my novel series under my pen name Neil A Hogan.

It’s called Galactic Missions and you can find out more about it here: Galactic Missions

gabrielandtheresurrectionofmaldekcoversmallIt’s a spin off for teenagers of my young children’s series Alien Characters.

My recommendation for you is to find out what else you’re passionate about and do that during those times that you don’t have students. If you get last minute cancellations due to sickness (or the weather!) then being ready with a back up plan like writing a novel will make sure your day remains stress free.

And in the end, being happy is what it is all about.

Please check out my ebook series and if you know of anyone that might be interested, please forward the links to them.

Many thanks!