IELTS Speaking Practice Test Questions. Practice Using James’ IELTS Videos And Prepare For Your Exam!

Is it difficult finding someone to speaking English with so that you get plenty of practice before the IELTS exam? Finding an online teacher is easy but having them be available at the time that you want, at the moment you want them, is a different proposition.

If you’ve suddenly realised you’ve only got a few hours to go before your IELTS exam and you haven’t practice speaking English yet, what can you do?

I have the answer! 24/7 free online IELTS Speaking Practice Test Questions Videos! You can play them on your mobile anytime. You can listen to a question, stop the recording, practice answering it, then continue the recording.

I’ve just uploaded the latest in the series. Number 80. The questions are always relevant as there are no real ‘new’ questions. Examiners can choose questions from anytime in the past 10 years, so it’s best to start practicing. There are hundreds of thousands of questions that can be asked so the trick is not to memorise answers that you may never be asked, but to practice answering questions like a native English speaker.

You can also download my free app – Speak English: Practice Videos!

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Wishing you all the best in your IELTS exam.