Summer Math Classes

Registration for Summer Math Classes had been started.

These classes are basically designed to help students perform better in school by bridging the gap between school years, reinforcing past subjects and preparing for new ones. Students can explore new interests, catch up on past studies, or get ahead on next year’s work. In fact, the students who uses this program are better prepared when school begins than those who do not receive tutoring and thus, many students are already months ahead of where their peers are when class starts. They also have the option to prepare themselves for exams like ACT, SAT, PSAT or AP. Regular notes/worksheets/assignments/homework are also given.

$ 34 for 4 hours or $ 10 per hour

If you want to try, you can try one FREE session of 60 minutes.

Salient Features:

Classes for Grade 9 – 12
One-to-one tutoring
Test preparations like SAT/PSAT/AP/ACT