Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Cretaceous City

Secret palaeontology documents, recently leaked, reveal the supressed discovery of a long lost city, millions of years old. Due to the explosive nature of this revelation, the information is being slowly released in the guise of a series of dinosaur books for children.

These books contain a modern translation of the ancient dinosaur diaries (dinories), recently decoded in an undisclosed location by palaeontologists and linguists, who have been sworn to secrecy by their respective governments. The various diaries, reports, journals, blogs and other records have been weaved together to reveal a storyline about dinosaur society and culture in the distant past.

Every attempt has been made to accurately represent dinosaur society to modern humans in an easy to understand narrative from the dinosaurs’ viewpoint.

This is their story.


Dinosaur Characters follows the adventures of a variety of intelligent dinosaurs in the cretaceous period from the dinosaurs point of view. This is a dinosaur-only series. Just like the Disney movie ‘Dinosaurs’ no humans are involved.

(Having done some market research among 7-12 year olds, the main complaint with most dinosaur movie, cartoon or book series was that there were ‘people’ in it!)

I hope you enjoy the Dinosaur Characters series


Neil A Hogan